Brexit news – Boris Johnson urges EU leaders to unblock trade talks with Britain | Politics | News

The foreign secretary said European capitals should “put a tiger in the tank and stop the grass growing under out feet” if they want to reassure more than four millions British and EU citizens about theif futures. 

Arriving at a meeting of the bloc’s foreign affairs council, at which ministers will discuss the Iran nuclear deal and the crisis in North Korea, Mr Johnson spoke about the “deep and special relationship” the UK wants with Brussels. 

He said: “Obviously we think in the UK that it’s time to get on with these negotiations, that it’s ready for the great ship to go down the slipway and onto the open sea and for us to start some serious conversations about the future, about the deep and special relationship. 

“People say to me ‘we want to reassure the 3.2 million EU nationals in the UK and the one and a bit UK nationals in the EU’ and so do we and we’ve made an offer that we think is very fair.

“Let’s give them that reassurance, let’s put a tiger in the tank and get these negotiations going and stop the grass growing under our feet. We hope our friends and partners will take that message and really get going with some serious negotiations.” 

More to follow. 

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